smart flexible welding production system

data issued by mes production management system, information interaction, welding line of rfid production-led, combining robot, multi-model automatic switching equipment collaboration…


automobile parts

from raw material to parts production and from parts to assembly, according to customer demand crown, we can provide automated production workstation or line of the system solution. cover stamping, spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, coating, grinding and assembling, handling and other applications.


intelligent logistics system overall solution

with the development and extensive application of the related technologies such as information, wireless communication and rfid, warehousing and logistics has become more and more automated and digital real-time management and operation.

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    industry – standard intelligent automation production line

    with the continuous increase of labor costs and the pursuit of higher quality and efficiency, the production mode of product oriented enterprises is gradually tending to automation and intelligence.


    4.0 research and industrial reality

    currently a higher degree of automation of the auto industry remains, crown by remains committed to a breakthrough in the development of automobile industry, through the system platform of integrated and advanced technology and application of domestic and…



    automate is located in qingpu industrial zone, shanghai. registered capital 100 million, has awarded high-tech entreprenuers by the government. business scope covers smart flexible welding production system, hi-power laser welding system integration, flexible robotic hemming system, robotic arc-welding system integration, flexible underbody unit for multi-model production line, new energy industry solution and etc. automate has a wide range of professional and technical talent nearly 300. we owns a complete plan including 3d design, digital technology, robotics simulation, precision machining, equipment manufacturing, installation and commission. we can provide customers with comprehensive technical and implementation of solutions. automate acquires valuable experiences in various projects and was regarded as “ excellent supplier” of honor.

    with automate’s rapid development, also with the help of its valuable experiences accumulated in the automation field, automate will do rational distribution, increasing in the field of industry 4.0 and new energy, the research of advanced equipment, active in cooperation and competition in relevant areas. we will aim development goal for being a comprehensive intelligent enterprises in the field.




    cph tharu sideframer general contractor


    cph tharu mainline general contractor


    cpc a+suv derivat bodyside general contractor


    cpn nms nf bodyside general contractor

    more achievement